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How to Change Concentrator Filters

If you have a Respironics M10, AirSep Onyx Ultra, Pro Gen 10 or HVO-10 oxygen concentrator, please watch this video to learn how to change the filters:

Configuring Wi-Fi for your Smart Relay Box(es)

If you have one or more Smart Relay Boxes, you may choose to configure Wi-Fi for each one. The Smart Relay Box can function without a Wi-Fi connection, but without it you won’t be able to track the status of concentrators that are plugged into the Smart Relay(s), nor will you receive software updates for those devices…

Connecting the Pro Series to Wifi or Ethernet

## Network Needed for Monitoring and Notification Your HVO Pro Series oxygen system has the ability to send important operational data to the cloud. This allows you to keep track of tank pressure, oxygen purity, and environmental factors such as the humidity and temperature in the system enclosure (aka the “headbox”)…

How to Install a New Pro Series System

## Watch the video below:

Things to Check Before Contacting Support

## Please take a moment to go through these steps: _**Symptom: The system is not turning on or some components are turning on but others are not.**_ > _IMPORTANT: Pay special attention to #1 below. YOU MAY NOT HAVE A PROBLEM AT ALL. It’s worth checking._ 1. **Is the system off because the pressure in the tank is …

How to Connect the Pro Plus™ to the Cloud

## Introduction You may connect your Pro Plus™ system to the cloud either via Wi-Fi or using an Ethernet cable. If you plan to use Ethernet, skip to the bottom of this article. ## Wi-Fi Configuration When the Pro Plus™ system powers up, it displays a logo page, followed by the Main Page (shown below). In addition t…

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