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Pre-startup Safety Checklist for the Pro Plus™ System
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Before you turn on your Pro Plus™ System, it’s important to review the following checklists.

Basic Setup:

Main is plugged into a 120V/15A (or, for Titan 2, a 240V/5A) dedicated circuit

Drone (if present) is plugged into a 120V/15A (or, for Titan 2, a 240V/5A) dedicated circuit

20A 3-outlet Relay Box(es) are plugged into 120V/20A dedicated circuits

30A 5-outlet Relay Box(es) or Smart Relay Box(es) are plugged into 120V/30A dedicated circuits

Coaxial cables are daisy-chained from the Main to each Relay Box and Drone

HVO oxygen manifold has one ¼” flexible line firmly connected to each oxygen concentrator, and these lines are connected to a black plastic 3-outlet push-to-connect fitting.

Make sure that the 3-outlet push-to-connect fittings have no unplugged outlets. If you find an unplugged opening, insert either a ¼” or ⅜” plug.

All ⅜” flexible lines are plugged into a push-to-connect in the back of a Main headbox or Drone headbox on one end, and into a 3-outlet push-to-connect on the other end.

HVO oxygen manifold is configured so that the number of oxygen concentrators is roughly equal among the Main and Drone(s), or the manifold is a “pressure-balanced, common trunk” type, i.e. all concentrators are connected to the same manifold.


Multi-Tank Setup:

All tanks are joined by a braided steel interconnect that is firmly attached on both ends.

All ball valves are open, allowing the free flow of gas among the tanks. 

Oxygen Concentrator Setup:

Concentrators are organized (on a rack, preferably), and plugged into a relay box.

On each concentrator, turn the dial on the flow meter counter-clockwise (fully open) until it stops.

On each concentrator, turn the power switch on. Nothing will happen until the HVO System is powered on.



  • The power switches on the individual concentrators must ALWAYS be switched ON while the concentrators are connected to the HVO System. The “I” position represents ON. The HVO System will automatically deliver power to the concentrators via the Relay Box(es). 
  • After the system begins charging, you’ll need to adjust the flow rate on each concentrator again. Look for the word "Charging" on the Main Page. You must wait for the compressor inside the headbox to start, which happens after warm-up. For new concentrators, the ideal flow rate setting is 9.5 LPM.


Room Conditions:

HVAC is in place and ambient temperature is in the range of 50-80°F with relative humidity less than 90%

There is fresh air circulation equivalent to the number of concentrators x 50 SCFM. For example, 5 concentrators would require 250 SCFM of air movement. Without fresh air movement 


Network Setup:

Ensure that either a strong Wi-Fi signal is present, or that an Ethernet cable has been connected to the Pro Plus™ system. To connect an Ethernet cable, you must open the headbox of the HVO Main. There you will see an Ethernet jack on top of the touchscreen module. Snake the Ethernet cable up through the hole in the bottom of the headbox, and connect it to the Ethernet jack.


Backup Oxygen:

Some applications require backup oxygen, e.g. in the event of a power failure. If you have a switching manifold, make sure that it has been installed by a qualified gas plumbing expert.

Ensure that your backup oxygen equipment and procedures are in good working order.

Ensure that a check valve is in place to prevent a backward flow into the HVO tank, e.g. if high-pressure backup cylinders are turned on.

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