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How to Choose the Right HVO System
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HVO gives you a choice between a basic, reliable product, dubbed the Classic™️, and one that is “cloud-connected”, with sophisticated data tracking, monitoring, and configuration options, which we call the Pro Series™️. In this post, you’ll learn the differences between them, and how to decide which is best for your application.


A no-frills oxygen-generating system that is safe, reliable, affordable, and easy to service. It supports pressure setpoints of 30-100 PSI and 100-150 PSI. It comes with an oxygen concentrator warm-up feature that enables you to delay the storage of generated oxygen until high purity is attained. Choose a delay of 0, 30, 60 or 90 seconds.

Pro Series™️

The Pro Series™️ extends the capabilities of the Classic™️ by adding “Internet of Things” (IoT) features that enable the status of your HVO system to be tracked and monitored in real-time. We call our IoT solution “Seeing Eye™️”, a nod to the service dogs that help lead the sight-impaired.

The Pro Series™️ contains sensors that monitor the critical metrics of your HVO system, including tank pressure, oxygen purity, barometric pressure, system temperature and humidity. An optional Mass Flow Sensor may be purchased to measure the outbound flow of oxygen in liters per minute (LPM).


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