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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is financing available?

Yes, and we recommend the following lending company:

Which oxygen concentrators do you sell?

HVO sells AirSep Onyx Ultra and Respironics M10 10 LPM PSA oxygen concentrators. See the Expansion and Store pages for more information about those products.

Can I use my own oxygen concentrator(s)?

Yes, with some caveats. To get the best results from the HVO System, you should test your concentrators using a handheld oxygen analyzer to ensure that they are performing optimally. The oxygen percentage that comes out of the HVO System will be equal to the average oxygen purity of all of the concentrators that you attach.


If you have a variety of oxygen concentrator makes and models, check the rated output pressure of each. When output pressures differ, the flow of the lower pressure concentrators will be suppressed by those with higher pressure. It's preferable for all of the oxygen concentrators to be identical.


Note that some oxygen concentrators with electronic switches (rather than mechanical ones) do not work with the HVO System. To test for this issue, plug a concentrator into an outlet and turn it on using the power switch. Next, leaving the power switch on, unplug the concentrator. Wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. If it turns on without touching the power switch, it will work with the HVO System.

Speak to an HVO customer advocate to learn more about the compatibility of your particular concentrators.

How much oxygen fits in a tank?

The HVO System is available with 30, 60, and 80-gallon tanks, and storage may be extended by connecting tanks together. The actual volume of oxygen stored depends on tank size and tank pressure. For a table of tank sizes and pressures, see the table on the Classic Plus™ page.

Is there a warranty?

HVO systems come with a one year warranty that covers parts and labor. Respironics M10 concentrators purchased from HVO are covered by a three year manufacturer's warranty. AirSep Onyx Ultra 10 LPM oxygen concentrators are covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty.

What are the power requirements?

HVO Systems run on either 120VAC or 240VAC power, depending on the compressor model.


For 240VAC systems, a 240VAC/3A circuit with a NEMA L6-15R receptacle is required. For 120VAC systems, 15 amp circuits are required for the Main and Drone, and standard US 3-prong plugs are used. A separate dedicated circuit is required for each relay box. 


Relay boxes control power to the oxygen concentrators. They have the following amperage requirements:

  • 3-outlet relay box requires 20 amps. Comes with a fixed cord NEMA 5-20P plug.
  • 5-outlet relay box requires 30 amps. Comes with a fixed cord NEMA L5-30P plug.

A power surge protector is recommended for the Main.


For overseas power, we support 220-240VAC/50Hz and a variety of plug types. Contact HVO for more information.


See our technical data sheet.


What’s the electricity cost to run an HVO system?

It depends on the size of the system. An HVO System that produces 20 LPM will consume about 1.8 kW, whereas an HVO System that produces 200 LPM will consume approximately 13.8 kW.


To estimate the power for a given HVO configuration, use this formula:

  • Add 1 for every Main
  • Add 1 for every Drone
  • Add 1 for every concentrator
  • Multiply the sum by 600 to get total watts.
  • Divide by 1000 to get kilowatts. 
  • Multiply kilowatts by your local power cost. 

The above formula will give you the cost per hour to run an HVO System while it is charging. If the HVO System is not charging, it uses a very small amount of power.


For more information on this subject, read our blog posts about electricity cost.

How long do the compressors last?

Like all machines with moving parts, compressors, after some thousands of hours of service, will need to be rebuilt. Wear is inevitable, as compression causes friction and heat. Our high-powered, teflon-sleeve, two-stage compressors (Mighty Mite, TITAN 1 and TITAN 2) may need to be serviced every five to seven years. Results vary depending on specific usage patterns and environmental conditions.


If a compressor fails while your system is under warranty, we will replace it for free. If your system is no longer under warranty, replacing it is fast and easy. Purchase a compressor assembly*, and swap the old one out. Since the entire assembly is mounted on a plate attached by 4 bolts, the repair typically takes less than an hour with common tools and basic mechanical skills. We'll even talk you through the process, if you need help.


*A compressor on a mounting plate with a solenoid valve

What operating conditions does the HVO system require?

The HVO System is rated for operation in temperatures from 55°F (12.8°C) to 90°F (32.2°C), with relative humidity below 90%. There must be fresh air flowing in the space where your system is located at the rate of 50 CFM per oxygen concentrator. For example, with two concentrators, you'll need 100 CFM of airflow.

Is there documentation for the HVO System?

Click here to go to the technical data page.

Click here to go to the knowledge base.

Click here to visit our blog.

I have more questions!

No problem! Talk to an HVO customer advocate by calling (402) 476-0555.


Or, you can peruse our support pages.


Or email us at one of the addresses below:

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