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Changing Filters on a Pro Gen 10
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THE HVO Pro Gen 10 oxygen concentrators must have their filters changed periodically. The general recommendation is to clean the washable filter once every 3 to 6 months. For the HEPA filter, you must replace them once every 1-2 years. Whether to choose the shorter or longer terms depends on how dusty your environment is. If dust is visible on the concentrators, then you should probably choose the shorter term.


On the Pro Gen 10, both filters are located on the back of the unit. The picture below shows the location of the washable filter:



Use soap and water to wash the filter shown above. Dry thoroughly before replacing.


In the compartment to the right of the washable filter, you'll find the HEPA filter, as shown below:



The HEPA filter must be replaced. You can purchase replacement HEPA filters from HVO. To purchase, call the office at (402) 476-0555.


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